Around Harvey's Head

This rolling panorama takes you on a complete circuit of Harvey's Head.

But something is wrong ? Is Harvey's head concave -- or it is actually convex ?

Watch it go round and decide whether or not Harvey is a concave egg-head.
Or are we inside Harvey's head ?

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Don't Read This !!!

Looking at the rotating pix, the pattern of shadows and highlights ("Shape from Shading") tells the eye that it's looking at the outside of a convex shape. But the rotating behaviour is of a concave surface. What's straight ahead is slightly further away, and smaller, than on the edges of the field of view.

Why so ? How so ?
A panoramic image of Harvey's head -- taken from outside his head of course -- has been wrappen about the inside of a rotating cylinder. The viewpoint for this tour is from the inside of this cylinder, that is, from the inside of Harvey's Head.

This VR system is actually a perceptual dragon

Inside Harvey's Head

This updated classic lithograph, represents the internal working of a Dragon Hunter jousting with a Dragon, whereby the fiercesome beast is reduced to a more comely form.

Note the whorls of Mundae Problematatis and of Paradymus Solutionis, and the back of head insertion of Newtonian Canonii, I, II, and III

Reproduced with permission from Harvey A. Cohen, A Dragon Hunter's Box {Illustrated by Jeni Rawson}, Hanging Lake Press, Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia, 1974.

Copyright © 1974, 1975, 2002 Reproduction forbidden

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