Cryptic Clues to The Ilya Revel Dragon

Ilya is pushing his Citroen --a 1949 Big 6 -- backwards up a hill, towards a Russian citadel. But why is he pushing on the outside edge of the tyre, rather than pushing on the car body?

This dragon has cues to favour a solution encoded in the text like the clues in a cryptic crossword.
But why would Ilya push his French engineering masterpiece backwards ? Is it a lemon ?
Further clues are uncovered, one by one, on the following graphic, which shows a formalised Citroen with a single square wheel. (Click on the graphic if it does not alter.)

This graphic is (C) Harvey A. Cohen, 2002 and its reproduction for any commercial purpose is forbidden.

The Secret Sound of a Heuristic Line roaring

Some obtuse physicists claim that a car's wheels don't turn about the axles -- they turn about the point of contact on the road surface.

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