Inducia Capillaria I

A series of capillary tubes are shown standing verttcally in water, with bottom end in water, top end open to air. The water is shown to be elevated in each tube to a height h = K/r, where r is the radius of the capillary.  It follows unambiguously, that, for a sufficiently narrow tube, the water will be raised to a height greater than the height (abobe water) of the tube -- thus producing a fountain, and providing inexhaustible perpetual motion. The wise from poners.

This graphic is reproduced from
Harvey A. Cohen, A Dragon Hunter's Box, Hanging Lake Books, Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia, 1974.
(C) Harvey A. Cohen, 1974, 1975, 2002 and its reproduction other than for private purposes requires written permission.

This dragon is a Lakatosian Monster.
The standard methods of dealing with such monsters are with rather more credit going to the dragon-hunter who succeeds in monster adjustment
for any commercial purpose is forbidden.
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