Block Oriented Fractal Coding
Block Oriented Fractal Coding

Thumb-Fractal Image Decoding

of 256x256x8-bit Lena

Animated GIF sequence for Netscape or Internet Explorer

1 Initial Image = exploded thumb of Lena

2 First Iteration

3 Second Iteration

This animation demonstrates the rapid convergence of thumb-fractal encoding, a style of fractal encoding developed by the author. For this codec, the first stage is the "exploded" image thumbnail.
If the image is not changing - move mouse over

Further details:
Harvey A. Cohen, Thumbnail-based Image Coding Utilising the Fractal Transform, Proc. IEEE Int'l Conf Image Processing ICIP'96, Lausanne, Switzerland, Sept 16-19, 1996. Vol 1, pp 105-148. This papers is listed as Paper 96:5 at the author's download centre where related research papers are listed and, in many instances, downloadable. See also the Image Thumbnail Primer
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