Newspaper report describing Computer 
Companion for Handicapped

Transcription of article above:
Production models of an Australian designed "computer companion" combining a personal computer with a voice synthesiser are helping severely handicapped people to "speak" and study.
Nine of the talking communicators developed by computer engineer Dr Harvey Cohen, of La Trobe University of Melbourne are beingused by cerebal palsy sufferers at Yooralla Special School in the Melbourne suburb of Glenroy.
Dr Cohen said its greatest advantage over similar devices using the voice synthesiser technology, first widely available in 1981, was a 4000-word voice vocabulary., 10 times that of some competitors. TheThe general purpose system allows users to select pictures, words, or other information scanned onto a video screen to assemble spoken sentences as well as display the message on the screen.
Depending on the age and handicaps of the users, and the sofware chosen, the communicator can be also used to teach: it can create good graphics and allow users to edit material; it can be linked to other microcomputers and be easily adapted for robot facilities that give handicapped people better control of their environment - like switches for doors, lighting, television, automatic book readers, even robot feeding devices.
Here, Dr Cohen watches Karen, a student at the Yooralla Special School, demonstrate how the La Trobe talking communicator can be used to draw.

The copy for this article was distributed by the Australian Government Information Service, and fairly similar articles to the above - which appeared in a New Zealand country newspaper - were published in newspapers throughout South East Asia and Oceania during 1983-4.

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