Inducia Capillaria II

Every elementary text book of physics 

contains a derivation of the height H at which a 

column of liquid rises (or falls) up (or down)

a capillary tube of inner radius r.

The conclusion is


where K depends on the surface tension,

a formula on which this bevy of Lakatosian monsters feeds.

This diagram demonstrates, on a plot of H against

the inverse radius, to a series of caillary tubes

standing vertically in mercuiry. Ultimately, 

the depression of level corresponding

to this formula exceeds the length of the capillary beneath the mercury surface.

This graphic is reproduced from
Harvey A. Cohen, A Dragon Hunter's Box, Hanging Lake Books, Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia, 1974.
(C) Harvey A. Cohen, 1974, 1975, 2002 and its reproduction other than for private purposes requires written permission.

This dragon, as was Inducia Capillaria I, is a Lakatosian Monster.
The standard methods of dealing with such monsters are with rather more credit going to the dragon-hunter who succeeds in monster adjustment
for any commercial purpose is forbidden.
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