How much do you know about satellites and GPS?

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  1. Australia's first Scientific Satellite was:
  3. The FedSat SATELLITE:
  4. A Geostationary SATELLITE:
  5. A LEO Satellite is
  6. A LEO Satellite:
  7. GPS stands for
  8. The accuracy of GPS for civilian use is
  9. The accuracy of GPS for US Military use is
  10. A GPS SV (Space Vehicle) Satellite has a period of about
  11. The Russian GPS Satellite system is called
  12. The Ionosphere starts at about what height above the ground?
  13. Short wave radio signals from ground transmitters are reflected by the
  14. One satellite is four times as far from the centre of the earth as another. The more distant satellite has a period that is the period of the inner satellite.
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