Primers on VIS and Image Engineering
Image Engineering deals with the manipulation, transformation, compression, access and retrieval of still and video images from image databases, whether locally, via LANs, or via the WWW.
Image Systems Engineering is concerned with the big picture, how to design and configure image database and browser systems, Visual Information Systems including image standards for facilitating access retrieval. Underling Image Engineering is Imaging Science, which includes traditional image analysis and sampling theory, and some perceptual science.
William Jefferson Clinton. Images for the WWW
Given the explosive growth in the use of the WWW for publishing, electronic commerce, lifelong learning, and the delivery of government services, it is vital that the Web be accessible to everyone ... we must develop the tools, technology, and guidelines to make it possible to display information in ways that are available to all users.
The Story on Image Thumbnails
Primer on Audio Thumbnails
Image Restoration
?Black Magic?
Thumb fractal Thumbnail based Block-Recursive Fractal Image Coding
Edge and Image Feature Point Primer
Primer on Visual Texture
What's the best classifier?
Fuzzy Image Processing
An introduction
Visual Information Systems
by Clement Leung
What they are and their growing importance.
The Block-Recursive Fractal Concept by Harvey Cohen The 'blocked' fractal concept used by Jacquin/Barnsley for the fractal coding of images was actually first used 15 years previously in OZ-LOGO.
Image Segmentation Primer
Image segmentation is major stage in analysing images for content
The Perceptron
Neural Net History.
Perceptron could not distinguish the connected spiral(left) from the double spiral(right).
Glimpses of OZNAKI -- pioneering educational robotics project
VIS = Visual Information Systems
Managing and Searching Image Database

Publications Since 89 By Year
This is a collection of papers in image engineering and visual information systems, including image processing generally including numberplate recognition and speed-up issues, image restoration, (IFS and) fractal image coding, issues in image retrieval using thumbnails, and parallel processing techniques, together with some papers devoted to the design of image codecs, to aspects of satellite systems and to the education of engineers.
Publications Prior to 89 By Topic excluding Physics Papers
These papers are grouped by topic. Topic titles include qualitative physics, mathematics education, OZNAKI - a pioneering educational robotics project, the La Trobe Talking Communicator ( developed for severely disable non-speech students ).
Papers on Physics and Geophysics
This directory of papers in theoretical particle physics and quantum electrodynamics includes the abstracts for each paper.
Primers on VIS and Image Engineering
VIS = Visual Information Systems.Topics: Edges. Interesting points. Image restoration. Image access via thumbnails. Texture analysis, identification, segmentation. Fuzzy image processing. Using fractals to encode images. The perceptron images.
Dragons are formidable problems in qualitative physics, challenging, and yet solvable using little or even no algebra or calculus.
e.g. Which direction does the yo-yo roll?
What if the table were greased?
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