Jack and Elsebeth Smith when I first knew them. Jack and I were both post-docs in the Mathematical Physics Department at the University of Adelaide. Earlier at the University of Edinburgh, Jack, under the supervision of Peter Higgs, had written a Master's thesis, Gauge Invariance in Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), whilst my ANU PhD thesis, developing new and improved computational methods for evaluating Feynman diagrams in QED, which bypassed the need to apply the mathematically dubious scheme called "renormalisation", was entitled Dispersion-Theoretic Approach to Graph theories of Charged Particles of Spin 0, 1/2, 1. We had common interests, with one joint paper dealing with decay modes of the eta (η)meson.
The Standard Model for elementary particles predicted quarks, gluons, weak W and Z bosons, but needs needed the Higgs boson for completeness. In particular, the Higgs is responsible for the mass of the other particles. Jack Smith's contributions were an important part of the groundwork for this discovery, including his 2003 paper with V. Ravidran and W. van Neerven on the calculation of the "Higgs production" cross section, a publication with over 500 citations.
A Tribute to Jack Smith
My Man in Stockholm 2013

Jack Smith, Nobel Laureate (Physics) Peter Higgs, Elsebeth Smith, Stockholm 2013
Jack was invited by Peter Higgs to be a member of his party attending the Nobel Prize award ceremony.
• Jack Smith had been Peter Higgs' very first research student
• Jack was coauthor of important papers, leading to the discovery of the Higgs boson using the CERN Large Hadron Colllider
I especially note this paper:
V Ravindran, J Smith, WL Van Neerven, Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to differential distributions of Higgs boson production in hadron–hadron collisions Nuclear Physics B,Vol 634 (2002) pp 247–290.
John (Jack) Smith travelled to the 2013 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony as the guest of Peter Higgs, who shared the 2013 Physics Prize with François Englert for proposing what is known colloquially as the God particle, elsewise as the "Higgs boson", discovered at CERN's Large Hadron Collider.
My Man at
Stockholm 2013
  Jack Smith -- Peter Higgs first student -- my   friend and one-time collaborator. A Memoir
My Man in the Smithsonian
  Victor Scheinman    my long-term friend
  The inventor of the assembly line robot. His PUMA
   Robot in the Smithsonian.  What made this man ?
My Woman in Space

The only woman ionospheric physicist and the only Australian involved in the design of US Air Force SatNav system later renamed GPS.
  Elizabeth Essex-Cohen -- my future wife was in the
  USAF Geophysical Research Lab 1974 playing a
  vital role in GPS system design by applying known
  ionosphere structure to check out putative orbits
  for GPS satellites. But this GPS pioneer hit the glass
  ceiling at La Trobe University in 1983: forbidden by
  her professor to supply me TEC data scans from
  passes of orbiting beacon satellites for computation
  in real-time of ionospheric tomography by methods
  adapted from medical tomography. Late Career
  highs as Program Chair for Conf. WARS 2000
  (Wireless Applications of Radio Science) and as
  lead researcher and GPS research head for FedSat
  Australian scientific satellite launched 2002.

  Nevertheless a long career in space science as
  married woman so unlike the experience of
   Ruby Payne Scott also born in Grafton, NSW.